About Us


Well, I guess when you landed on the website you knew you were in the right place. And that’s what we are about here. 

We are trying to give you what you want, at fantastic prices, and all in one place. We decided to be the first website we saw for just this purpose – and here we are!

 We would be happy if you ask for the products you are looking for. That way we can expand.


Whether you’re looking for crazy, fun, mysterious, goofy, and TikTok items at a ridiculously low price (and I mean HIGH quality) we aim to give you exactly what you want. We aim to give you the best possible products and services. 

Two ways we can do this is to try and give a lower price than anybody else and to give great customer service. Our focus is not to try and get the most money from our products but to try and sell them as cheaply as we can and still make a profit. And if we sell enough, that way we are all happy.

But most important to us is customer service and always trying to keep our customers happy. After being in business a lot of years, and even more on the receiving end as a customer, you get to understand how important this is. So, if you ever feel like there is a problem or you would like to talk to us…please…do just that and we will be very happy to talk and do our very best to solve any problems and put that smile back on your face.