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After-sales service

Databrus will always comply with the Guarantee Law and we will make every effort to offer you the best service possible.

Most of the cases require simple and easy solutions. For this purpose, we put our human team at your service to help you to answer any question you may have.

What can I do in case of an incident?
Possible situations:

Incidents within 24/48 hours of delivery with signs of damaged package:

You have to report this As Soon as Possible to us. Within 24-48 hours after delivery if there is a problem our of the box

Incidents between 48 hours and 15 days of delivery:

If our customers contacts us you to complain about a defective product, packaging or any other defect you may detect. You have to make sure you send us Photo/Video of the problem and the package If you think it broke before you got it..

Wrong product drop shipped to you.

We will accept the replacement of wrong products. Databrus will pay for the shipping expenses as long as the costumer has informed us of the incident within 48 hours of delivery, except if Databrus decides to refund the value of the product instead.

Guarantee - Technical support after 15 days of delivery

All products have a 2-year guarantee offered by the manufacturer from the date of delivery except in the case of perishable products or health and hygiene products. Defects caused by negligence, hits, misuse or tampering, wrong voltage or installation, or wear and tear, are not included. In the case of IT products, the guarantee does not cover virus removal, programme restoration or disc reinstallasjon. In the case of incidents where a claim on the guarantee is justified, the product will be repaired, replaced, returned, or have its price reduced, in compliance with the law.

The guarantee will be void::

- If any detail of the guarantee or the proof of purchase is modified, altered or replaced; and/or
- If the identification number or the guaranteed product is tampered with or repaired without prior authorisation by the Technical Service.

To make use of the guarantee, you must communicate this to use through the Contact Area, indicating:

- Databrus order number
- Product description
- Description of the product's problem
- Attached photos in the case of visible damage

Each case will be dealt with individually and you will be given the technical service address of each manufacturer for your country. It is compulsory to include a copy of the sale's invoice in the package, the Technical Support form given by us and the description of the detected problem.

If official technical support is available in your country, the repair period will be that established by the official technical service.

What happens if you the customer does not collect an order?
When an order is not collected by the consignee, it will be returned to our warehouse. Once we have received it, it will be processed by the Technical Support team and passed on to the Administration Department for the refund to be processed.

The order shipment and the return to the warehouse entail transportation expenses, which the person who placed the order must pay for. Consequently, you will receive a payment corresponding to the order return minus the two-way delivery expenses.

This process may take up to 4 weeks.

Make sure you contact us as soon as possible for us to help you fast on every problem